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This was too cute and too true not to put a page up for awhile for kids and their parents to enjoy and take heed.


Where did my 'FrizzEaze' go?
(angora bunny)

Left click on more to get the carrot and put to bunny's mouth and left click to feed the bunny.






A Naughty Bunny

We saved a bunny from a car park last week.
We shouldn't have bothered.
We don't have the bunny any more.

The Culprit
The Culprit

Scoping out my computer
Bunny Scoping

One morning, we found that the mouse didn't work.

I checked under the desk to see what was happening.

Damage!  (Quiz: How many loose cable ends can you see in these pictures?)
Damage1 Damage2 Damage3 Damage4

It chewed on my monitor's power cord.
However, it only chewed the neutral wire, more's the pity
Power Cord

It tried to be artistic with the Printer Cable
Pedal Printer2

RCA Cable

Some bunny mess


Now, let that be a lesson to you!

You can have this fun experience too!  The bunny is now for sale at Pets on Broadway.
Please don't tell them about this bunny's dark past.

I rescued a Bunny back in the late '80s and built it a big hutch and then my Father built a fence and gate out by the garage where there was plenty of grass and shade and that is where the bunny was kept until one night my parents were awakened by screaming and ran out to find it was the bunny, it seems a raccoon was trying to get to it.

So Bunny (yes they named it Bunny)came into the house with the exception of being out in the yard during the day unless it was very hot.  Bunny decided to adopt my Father and would run to him and sit by his chair and my Father would scratch his head and feed him treats. (this from a guy who initially was very upset that I 'stuck them with the bunny!')

Bunny was very talented at snipping cords/wires.  My Mom would be on the extended phone cord and be cut off in mid sentence. The bunny would fly across the room and without stopping clip the cord with his teeth and be out of the room.

The stereo cord had to be replaced. TV and Cable box had to have work done also.

Eventually all cords were taped or lifted in some manner out of the reach of Bunny.

Another 'neat trick' of Bunny was to seemingly (as no one ever saw him do it) Get up early in the morning and go into the kitchen dining area and spin as he released pellets (bunny poop). Made interesting swirls on the floor, but Mom never appreciated it for the artwork it was.

Bunnies need a lot of care and proper foods and access to their pellets, as they make two kinds. One is waste and the other is to be consumed by the bunny one more time. Only the most patient and gentle people should keep bunnies.

Working in animal rescue I'd come across many, many bunnies at the Animal Shelter ( and I hate to think how many didn't make it that far!) People get smitten by how cute and cuddly they are and are totally clueless as to their needs and amount of care.

Needless to say Bunny was loved his entire life with my parents and broke their hearts at his passing.

I like to think after my Father passed away, that Bunny was waiting for him at The Bridge.