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Here's my Home Site for the friends, alumni and those that surf in. Seems this wonderful VHHS site has stopped growing, so I will leave basic info here and point you to newer sites.

I have a page at

Visit the message boards, as folks are commenting and adding their experiences and life while living in good old Sunland/Tujunga. I've connected with long lost friends and neighbors.

 OK, finally pulled it off and have one photo album published. Site address on lower right of this page. Might 'tweak it' a bit over time, as it was rather hurried after muddling through dig. pics, cam, and pocket camera.  Everyone contributed. With united efforts, the photo album is finally published online.

The pictures of the Moose 'families' along Alaska Route 5/Taylor Highway are too, too funny and the RV's slide into roadside due to our 'rubber necking' is worth a laugh...well once it was towed out..then we could laugh! Oy!!) If the human lifespan wasn't so Mayfly short, I'd give a thought to living up there. But then beautiful Montana/Wyoming is on the list also.

November 2008. Visited friends in Wyoming and fell in love with  Burgess  Junction. Winters can be wild, but the summers stay cool up in this part of the 'State. I'm not fond of hot weather, so that fact seems great. Green, green, green and wide spaces aplenty.

.Where have I been in this decade?Until June '04, lived in El Granada on Half Moon Bay in Northern California, on the Peninsula. It was an adjustment for me to live right on the ocean..water, water everywhere...pelicans, sea gulls, seals, the occasional shark which in no way deters the surfers from plunging right back into the water. 

Missed the hills, valleys, rivers and vineyards of Sonoma County,so after 5 years being away, bought a home there. One can't live in two places at once, but thankfully it isn't a great distance and is a very scenic drive, so friends in HMB are within reach.  

Half Moon Bay is pretty, but Wine Country is my preference, with it's green hills and vineyards and rivers and wide open spaces. I carry back with me some great memories and there will be those that are moving on also, in different areas across the country, and out of country, that I will miss greatly, but I have been lucky to have known them and will hold them in my heart. Others I won't miss a darn! :)

Gives me an excuse to visit the UK now. Two dear friends of mine are now living in a typical English cottage with garden and are loving it.(Since then, they moved to a great place that used to be a stone barn and now made into a two story cottage and the total town population is 34!! Since then they have moved and bought a home in the English countryside (yes there is a pub and a Church and that is about it!) Since mail is so slow, we've relied on email and now Skype.

When I worked I:

In HMB I worked as an Executive Administrative Ass't to the CEO at a nonprofit human services agency and did some paratransiting driving each week.

In the past, I've worked for the Fed'l Government (first response for natural disasters ie the flood of '78 is when I first started.fires, floods, in the Nursing field and even for Circus Vargas... there I started out working at the Hollywood Bowl( I can say I have stood center stage there. I'm famous! :) and taking entertainers to differing schools and in a few cases chauffering 'celebrities' to opening nights.I'm not easily 'star struck' thus one of the reasons I got the gig.  Hired temporary staff to set up the tent, and run the concession stands and even in a pinch, I helped sell tickets on the circus grounds. On opening nights I was at the Main Entrance to greet the public. I 'traveled' with the Circus within local distances, but didn't want to, at that time of my life, be on the road most of the year. Working in the Medical field was fulfilling and having a license means one always has access to work. Note: younger folks, the medical arena in the 'States is wide open. Many choices. You can call your own hours and places to work. I did a stint in the penal system, but even $50/hr couldn't keep me there. Sad, very, no matter what side of the bars you are on.

I worked, took time off to travel. I took most of the 90's off to travel and just come and go as I pleased.




My attempts at making this a better world:

With the economy as it is, the need for increased aid is growing by leaps and bounds. Volunteer one evening a week at a local 'free' clinic (Cotati )to keep my nursing skills honed. (I put in too much time and effort, sweat and yes, tears to let that go fallow.)        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Since Katrina, had been helping out taking care of the critters that were rescued. If you live in Sonoma County, Countryside Pet Resort and Rescue is looking for volunteers to assist in rehab., fostering or adoption. Of course, the local Shelters need volunteers also. (Update. Success! Most all the critters were adopted out,those that weren't are staying at Countryside for life.) We are also working with dogs from Mexico, who are in far worse shape than the dogs etc., from Katrina.  They have to be socialized and obediance trained, as many were street dogs, and many have been mistreated and need to learn there are loving hands in their lives now. Call and ask for Michele. I want give huge Thanks to those who have been so selfless with their time, and love and for some, money, to assist in getting the critters back with their humans or to a new loving home.

I want to get in on the rescues going on in Mexico.  Wonderful people are basically living down there and need 'go-betweens' that will pick up the dogs in Mexico and fly back with them, and see them transported to rescue centers.

Yes, I'm asked frequently to "slow down". My M.D. says that "You think you are 4 people instead of one."  I just look at the world and see how much needs to be done and also observe the people whom I admire so  much, doing so much.

Hey, we don't live forever and you can't take 'it' with you, so you might as well leave positive actions behind in your wake. (not AT your wake la!)


You can also find me writing and posting at under my given name. I suggest if you are interested in the world's goings-on, to subscribe for email updates so the breaking news can be brought to your attention.  My Personal Page:   In fact, why not  join the Care 2 Community, it is made up of 9+ million people.

Cost of the War in Iraq
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I'm in support of the end of the occupation of Iraq and the daily loss of troops. Another Viet Nam and millions shouted that, even before Bush ignored the world and started his preemptive strike. Let's bring our troops home. We've lost far too many as it is.  The total nonsense of turning on Iraq for the actions by individuals who just happened to be from Iraq would then suggest we should have bombed Michigan after the Oklahoma City horror.

Bush lied, and people died.  If Rwanda and the Congo had oil, mililtary intervention would have occured immediately. Millions are homeless and being tortured daily..what gives Bush? 


We need to tend to our own borders and use the U.N. to address international issues.

I am tho' in awe at the bravery and steadfastness of the Iraqi people who took their lives in their hands to get out and vote.  We take our freedoms here too lightly and I question whether many here would have done the same under such circumstances.

I hope so, as I find too many North Americans who are complacent and only care if they and theirs are safe and fed, and if that is the case, they don't give a damn about the rest.

"O wise man, wash your hands of that friend who associates with your enemies." - Sadi

Until humans stop wanting others resources and use their twisted concepts of their religions to excuse violence it will just continue.
 And don't get me going on this country's use and toss mentality. Mother Earth only has so much to give you know.
In Memorandum of the daily loss of American troops and innocent Iraqi citizens. (Let us not forget the other countries that have troops there also)

Did you know that 2.5 million people have been driven from their homes in Darfur, Sudan? Each day, they face threats that are hard for us to even imagine, including rape, disease, and starvation.
These people need our help to put an end to the genocide and they need it NOW.
Please join me in taking the first step to stopping the violence. 
Visit the link below to sign the Save Darfur Coalition's petition urging President Bush and UN Secretary-General Ban to take immediate steps to stop the killing.


My sponsor 'daughter' Julieth just had her fiesta de quince anos! It is hard to believe 10 years have gone by since I first had the honor of having her in my life.  Have made two trips to date, to meet with her. Such a little tiny girl and now a young woman looking forward to her future with hope.

With much sadness I report that my dear Mother passed away on December 28th 2006 after a valiant fight, from colon cancer. Until I create a page, there is a memorial site at for Mom. jan126427810618.html

"Gone from mystery into mystery
 Gone from daylight into night
 Another step deeper into darkness
 Closer to the light."

It's the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the way we were.


I'm struggling to edit this page so for now will leave it as is.

New email address:

And again, at




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August 26th celebrate the anniversary of women's sufferage. Do you realize until 1921 America did not allow women to vote? Thanks to the hardworking and sacrifices of the women and few good men who pitched in to change things. To make this a country for the equality of opportunity for all.