Nice pic huh? This is just about where the Russian River meets the sea, and the water there is fairly warm and clear. Devin, (the handsome guy you see above) loves the water, so off we went to the seashore. For some reason that day (thank goodness), I kept Dev on a long tether. As I watched him paddle about, I noticed movement about 10 feet out from him..thinking it was a seal, as they love to lie about on the sandbars and bask in the sun.  Uh uh! Great White!   I reeled that thether in faster than I could  have thought possible..all the while Dev is looking at me like, "Why are you spoiling my fun?) The shark did a short run, and then turned and headed out to sea.  Pit Bulls have great jaws..but no match for that fella! brrr!!   

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