It seems just a few months back we were wrapping up the Coastside Chili/Chowder cook-off, and already I've been contacting and being contacted by last year's participants.

time to once again, contact bands, get contracts signed, run ideas and figures past and with, board members.....this year we purchased our own tents, and hopefully the construction will go smoothly and hopefully faster.

The 'Unknowns' are again, our parking security and food vendor, tho' this year the center is going to make and serve chili from our own trailer plus cotton candy. which is a BIG seller  (yuck! but i can remember how i loved it as a kid) we hope to have additional entertainment, such as a climbing wall for the "kids" and a strong man bungee pull.

I've been lurking and urging to get the volunteers lined up for the last big push the week before, and the day of the event.  signs must get up, flyers handed out and in store windows.

This page will continue to grow as the big day nears, pictures will be added as the site, r/t is constructed, so please check back!


more news to add: this year we are having four groups/bands!

                                        Rhythm and Blues Review

                                        Thunder Grey


                                       Cowboy & Texas T


We will have two stages instead of one, to hold the additional entertainment we have added. It's promising to  be a fun event for all.

         ok soon as i get a little time, i'll get pics and text up.

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