Enjoy the ride! But don't forget to wear a helmet, even if you end up with a terminal case of helmet hair!!  (muy importante! in the medical profession those that ride, especially those that ride without a helmet are known as 'organ donors'. (nag, nag, i know)


      Relaxing, and comptemplating a good day's ride. Along the Russian River to Duncan's Mill and the beach along the river where the current runs backwards!! We figured it must have been the ocean current mingling with the river.                                                       

This calls for a cool drink and good Mexican food, which we found in the little town of Cotati. (tho the Altamont in Occidental is my favorite)


If you want to follow a Harley rider across country: .HOGRider's TRAVELS link.
Also read "Gift of Thunder' These runs are  common-place these days and do so much good!


Thanks to Lady Xtasee for Ride On from which a few excerpts are below.

Ride On

May your roads have all the sunshine

and the trees you view be tall

May your eyes be filled with happiness

And may you never fall.

May the wind be at your back

And the engine stay forever strong

May your ride be filled with memories

And your life be long.


May your heart always stay young, sweet friends

May you have someone that'll always care

But my biggest wish for each of you...

May the Thunder...ALWAYS be there.



btw..the stats on bike riders now are the ages of 30 to 65!!!  you just can't keep the 'boomer generation' down!!


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