Forgotten Felines is a group that initially formed to take care of the feral cat population.....this means, locating..trapping..spaying.
neutering..maintaining cats in specific areas.  A daunting task you probably think, and it is. It is an unending task, to which a dedicated group of people do practically 24/7.
You need the strength of 20, and compassion, boundless.
Needless to say, among these hundreds of cats you find many that are salvageable..meaning cats with the potential to become companions.
These cats are taken into the private homes of volunteers..nursed back to health if need be..taught to trust again..or even 2am feedings for the youngest, who through misfortune are left without a mother to tend to them.
This has led to a branch of Forgotten Felines..Mobile Adoptions...held at local Pets Mart stores...and in our own room at the Rohnert Park Shelter...
Prospective 'parents' are carefully screened..and if all works out..both human and fur person find a companion!
Our most recent addition, is our own Thrift store..'Pick of the Litter'..again, run by volunteers who give up much of their private help out in the store..and dispense cat food to the volunteers who maintain the feeding stations for all the feral cat colonies.   Many of these volunteers pay for the food out of their own pockets to allay cost to FF.
Forgotten Felines, of which I feel blessed to be a part of, is comprised of the cream of the crop...selfless..loving people..who, not only for the cats, are there for each other..helping to weather life's storms, which invariably happen in this world..pitching in to mend a roof, lend a truck or strong move another member to a new home, offer a shoulder to cry on, when in spite of round the clock care, one of the cats crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

So..for all those unsung heroes..Kudos!! And bless you all!!

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The group may be aimed at saving cats, but many of the members give their heart and soul to all species, and many may have a menagerie in their homes.   Santa Rosa is a great area for animal rescue groups...birds, reptiles, 'possums, horses, name it.  It gives me hope for the human species that these people are also teaching the public about compassion..and extending it to all the other peoples that share this planet with us.

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