10 a.m. Open...Open..Open

The eager crowd gathers......

No Pushing!

Mobile Adoptions, another busy weekend begins.

wpe15.jpg (6456 bytes)Kittens? Plenty!!                                                                                                         Love at first sight!!

Many thanks to Pets mart (among others) that makes the space available so adoptions like this can take place. btw   pets mart does NOT sell cats and dogs and is dedicated to educating the public about spaying and neutering and proper care.

never ever buy from a pet store that does sell dogs and cats they most probably come from puppy mills and cats that have litter after litter, and besides the tragedy of that, many are ill and carry diseases and genetic defects from the abomination that are the places they originate from.

while i'm at it..question where the fish you buy come from..many are taken from tropical waters and enroute to the stores many die , aside from the oceans being depleted of these fish in their natural state.

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